5 Home Building Trends

There are many things to think of when building a custom home. How many rooms do you want? What size should the kitchen be? Would a two story or one story be better? Where is the best spot for the laundry room? Along with these questions you also have to think about what current home… Read more »

Custom Home Building Trends: Luxury at an Affordable Price

Most people save up money, get approved for a mortgage, and buy a home. But, while it is certainly possible to love the home you purchase, you can get so much more with custom home building. With how quick technology advances and how many improvements are made to the industry of building homes, it is… Read more »

Benjamin Moore’s 2016 Color of the Year

Each year, Benjamin Moore makes its contribution to the world of interior design by selecting its ‘color of the year‘. This year pick was a bit unconventional in that they chose what many don’t regard as a color at all — white, specifically Benjamin Moore’s “Simply White” (OC-117). But for those with a passion for… Read more »

Tips for Saving Money When Designing Your Dream Home

If you are ready to build your dream home, one thing that might be standing in the way is your budget. You might worry that you won’t be able to build the home that you want without spending more than you can afford, but luckily, there are steps that you can take to save money while… Read more »