Is the Cheapest Custom Home Building Quote the Best?

You have dreamed about exactly how you would want your home if you were able to build it to your specifications. The tiny kitchen with no cabinet or counter space is something you lived with when you were renting but is definitely not what you want in a custom home. Or maybe bedrooms are something you want to change in your custom home. Outdoor living space may be the “must have” in your new place. Whatever is on your list, you have an idea of what you want from dreaming about it and comparing good and bad features of other homes you have lived in.

The List

  • Floor Plan – Choosing a floor plan that is right for your family is the first step. Will you use one that the builder has built before, customize one the builder has, or bring your own floor plan to the builder? Sometimes you may have a floor plan in mind that you feel will be best, but it needs a few modifications. Often a builder can suggest a plan that takes into account those changes with a plan he has. The most important part is to visualize the flow of the home. Do you want an open floor plan or one that has some divisions with walls? Different plans will give a different perception of the size. Be sure to actually be aware of the measurements of rooms, so you are not surprised that it is smaller than you thought. Remember the garage. Most designs give an attached garage but are your needs for a two or three parking spaces as well as a hobby space?
  • Exterior features – Considerations for materials used, such as brick, stucco, siding, roofing, and wood trim need to be decided to give the aesthetic look as well as the price. Don’t forget framing and insulation needs. These two things will affect the price, but also the quality of living in the house.
  • Interior features – 
  1. Kitchen – Considerations include the footprint of the kitchen, counter space, and material used for counters, the number, and style of cabinets, what type of appliances are desired, the style and function of the sink. Is an island for prepping food as well as seating in the plan? Are you wanting an eat-in kitchen that includes a tablespace? What are the style and composition of the backsplash and the flooring?
  2. Bathrooms – Walk-in showers, spa tubs, spacious vanities, and heated flooring are all part of the decision that will dictate not only style but the price.
  3. Living Areas – How large of a family gathering area do you want? Will this space include a two-story fireplace? What materials do you want to incorporate? In other areas of the main part of the home, will you incorporate a dining room or home office? 
  4. Bedrooms – How large of bedrooms do you want? Do you want a separate space for sitting in all the rooms, or just in the master? Will the ceilings be coved or just flat?
  5. Hobby Space – Many homeowners need a separate hobby space. The type of hobby will dictate the space needed. If it is woodworking, the space needed may be in the garage or basement. If it is sewing or painting, a space with good light and privacy options inside the house would be called for.
  6. Storage Space – Does the floor plan give adequate closet space for clothing and personal items, as well as space for items not used daily that need to be stored?
  7. Lighting – Include in your list the lighting you desire for both inside and outside of the home. Some chandeliers are very pricey but can give you the perfect look to your home.
  • Landscaping – Is the landscaping included in the price of the home? Does it just include the grass and bushes, or decks, patios, outdoor kitchen, and pool? Each item that you desire in your landscaping should be included in your list.

Compare Apples to Apples

Okay, so you have your list. Now is the time to compare at different builders. The most common mistake a consumer will make when price shopping for the best deal in a custom home is to change the list between different builders. Perhaps the square footage is different, or the quality of the finishes varies. Maybe at one builder, you got a complete list including the outdoor space and the upgraded kitchens and baths, but with another builder, some of these items were left off.

At the design center, the good custom builder will try to interpret and meet your needs in the best way possible. There may be suggestions made outside of what you originally planned. This is a sign of an experienced designer and builder who is able to understand your needs as well as the best building practices. However, be sure to take into account any differences you have between the design and price when comparing builders.

Is Price the Only Comparison?

We know that price is important to the consumer in building a custom home. Most consumers take pride in getting the most for their dollar, whether they are in the market for a starter home, or a move-up home that you can afford to put a little more specialty touches into.

The difference with our firm is, we have the partnership of an architectural designer as well as the builder in one company. You are not needing to hire an architect, then a builder. We will help you design and build your home.

As well as this unique partnership, we have over 30 years of combined experience in this trade.

See the pictorial gallery of homes. You will see the styles and quality of the homes we build. Feel free to schedule a tour of any of our available homes for sale to get a better idea of the quality.

The commitment to you is best summed up by these words. 

At GreenWood we build homes inspired by our clients and brought to life by our team. Our homes are perfectly suited to each client because we get to know them. After all, your home should not only reflect your style but your lifestyle as well.

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