Get Interior Design Inspiration from Houzz and Pinterest

Although you may know what you like and what you don’t in terms of interior design, you might not always know how best to put a room together. Or, perhaps you’re just in need of a little inspiration and some innovative ideas. Interior design ideas from Houzz and Pinterest can be useful tools in planning… Read more »

Light Up Your Night With New Night Lighting

There are many reasons to light up your night, and we can help you enhance your new lighting to do just that. Whether you’re wanting to get a few perfectly placed lamp posts for extra security, or you want to revamp your backyard into a hot new nighttime hangout for friends and family, we can help. For… Read more »

Kitchen Remodeling: Making a Galley Kitchen Feel More Spacious

All homeowners want a beautiful kitchen and a space that’s functional for preparing not only snacks but large meals as well. Some homes easily accommodate such a design, where others present more of a challenge — such as homes that have a galley kitchen. A galley kitchen consists of a corridor-like design, oftentimes making the… Read more »