Will I Save Money Building My Own Custom Home?

I think I could do this myself.

Owning a home is the original American Dream. Building your own custom home is the ultimate American Dream. Doing it yourself is a challenge few take on. Not many people have the time, resources and/or expertise to build something on their own. You have a vision of what you want and think you would save money doing it yourself instead of paying someone else to do things you are capable of doing.

There are thousands of components that go into producing a finished house, dozens of decisions that have to be made on a weekly basis, and a small army of tradesmen with whom you must negotiate, and coordinate, not to mentions supervise, schedule and hold accountable. Putting all the pieces of a house together is not so easy as it looks to the casual observer. 

You may have some skills that you think will  save on the cost, but unless you are intimately acquainted with building methods, codes and processes, you are setting yourself up for, at the very least, a whole lot of headaches. It would become your sole focus. You will live and breathe it, and experience fear and frustration like you never knew.  If at the end of the process, you still have your hair and your relationship, you still will have made mistakes that cost you money.

If  you’re thinking of a remodel, an addition, or even building that home you’ve been dreaming about, you might be nervous considering all the complicated steps in dealing with contractors, subcontractors, plans, permits and problems that come with a project of that size.

You need professional help to guide you through and are wondering if you should consult with an architect, a general contractor, your mother’s cousin who built his own garage in 1974, or a design-build company.

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Do I really need an architect for my project? 

If you’re envisioning a multi-story apartment house, office complex, or replicating Versailles, yes. If you are building your personal home or adding on to or altering your residence, then the answer is, not necessarily. 

Some places require an architect’s “stamp” in order to get a building permit. This means that an architect is verifying that your plans comply with codes and regulations of the jurisdiction where you are building.

Architects are talented people. They are artistic, highly creative and love to try new things. They have limitless imaginations, but they don’t always understand that everyone they work for does not have a limitless budget. Your architect can calculate the pitch of your roof, but he or she won’t tell you how much it’s going to cost. They leave that up to you to find out when you put the plans out for bid. Few architects oversee the actual construction process, so you have to hire other contractors to manage the actual construction. 

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of putting your dreams into a design. It’s sometimes a cold water wake up to see the bids and realize you’ll have to scale back the design in order to afford it, or come up with more money than you initially planned to spend. 

Design Build does it all

Truly, your best bet is design build; and that would be US!

The Design Build method is a comprehensive means to translate your ideas and desires into the tangible result that makes your home unique – a place that works for the way you and your family live and a singular statement of who you are.

We see you as an individual

There is nothing we like better than the interactions we have with our clients. We are inspired by the ideas our customers have brought to us. No one can articulate your dream as well as you can. And no one can bring it to fruition the way we can. When you stand in the kitchen that first night in your home and look around, you’ll be thinking about how all this was once just lines on a paper, and now you will wake up here. That feeling of satisfaction makes us happy too.

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Our team is your team

What you want and need is our concern. Doug will help take your vision and create a design that meets your needs and your finances.  Our construction management will give you unparalleled service. You don’t have to worry about sorting out details, chasing permits or wondering when the electrician is coming. We have the staff members you need to get the result you want. We really are on your side.

We listen 

From the first contact to the last time our trucks pull out of your driveway, you have constant support and communication. We want to hear your ideas, see your notebooks full of tear outs from magazines, and understand what will make you happy, to see that everything goes smoothly. We are accessible and with you every step of the journey.

We deliver a package that is a promise kept

Our people are talented professionals who take pride in their work. We are confident that your experience with us will be beyond satisfactory. A quality product at a comfortable price in a reasonable amount of time. You have all the advantages of working with an architect and all the advantages of a team with years of design and construction expertise, qll focused on delivering your custom home.

The choice is yours

So when you ask yourself if you should be your own general contractor, work with just an architect or go with a design build company, we think the answer is an easy one. You can relax knowing that the headaches are being dealt with by people who know what they’re doing. If anyone is going to lose sleep over your new home, let it be us.

Whether you’re looking for a modest renovation, an ambitious addition or a whole new house, we are up to the challenge. Contact us to see where a little creativity can take you.

Our motivation

We love what we do. We love where we build. We delight in incorporating local color into our designs, from the understated turquoise and morphing bold blues of the Indigo Bunting to the fiery oranges and icy cobalts of a fresh water lake sunset.

We are grateful to know what it means to live in the wonder that is Minnesota.

We hope you do too.