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Is your home getting a little old, out of date or might have some serious signs of degradation throughout your home from the lack of maintenance? It might be time to completely redo your home and make it appear to be brand-new once again. According to HGTV, for up to 25 cents to the dollar, the remaining 75 cents is added to your home.

The increase of your home’s value can also help raise the property value of your neighbors too. Remodeling your home to make it feel new is not only a great way to make it feel new, it also can be cheaper than building a new home all together. Consumer reports also suggests that certain buzz words can add value to your home.

Make Your Home Bigger

A lot of homes today are being built around 2000 sq ft — 2500  sq ft. If you have a smaller home around 1500 square feet and a sizable landscape, you could add more square feet to your home. Your home can suddenly feel much smaller if you plan on hosting parties or increase the size of your family. One estimate from 2020 is that it can cost as much as $200 per square foot to build a new home, depending on where you live. Why pay $400,000 for a new 2000 square foot home when you could add the extra 500 sq ft for $40,000 — $100,000?

Add More Levels

Is your home located on a small lot but you still need more living space? You could add a level. Adding additional levels gives you the extra room you need if you are tight for space. It is also less expensive than building out and costs roughly $100 per square foot to add a second level to your home depending on what amenities you plan on having.

Convert or Build More Rooms

If you live in a multi-room home and have 3 bedrooms, you could always convert one of the rooms into a single purpose room such as a home theater or a flex room. A flex room serves two purposes, like a gaming and entertainment room, or a room which can function as both an office & library. Additionally, you could always add on a few extra rooms to your main level.

Update Your Home Amenities

You could always upgrade your microwave, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, stove or upgrade your bathrooms by installing a walk-in shower. Those are the basic amenities of any home. Some modern homes also include solar panels, which can literally pay for themselves. The local government will sometimes pay you to add your wattage to the local electrical grid to provide power for other homes. Solar panels could be installed on the roof or on the ground.

You could also have automatic gate systems, security cameras, alarms, automated lights or sprinkler systems. Another popular trend today is upgrading the old light bulbs to LED’s, which can drastically reduce your electrical bills. Additionally, modern HVAC systems are upgrades homeowners choose to help with heating and cooling. Modern HVAC systems are also much more energy efficient than models from 10 to 30 years ago.

Finish Your Basement

Finishing your basement is a great way to install a few more rooms without having to pay for building an additional level. Install a laundry room, or a gaming room, workshop, home theater, or an extra bedroom if your basement has a door to the outside. Proper ventilation is essential for a workshop as metal bits and sawdust could be hazardous to your health, so make sure you have appropriate ceiling space.

Get Additional Garage Space

If you have a growing family or know you’d like more cargo storage, you could always expand your garage so it could hold 3 or more cars. Alternatively, you could also build it up so you can store larger vans and trucks which might exceed the normal garage space.

Get A New Roof

How old is your roof? Roofs can last anywhere from 20 to 25 years. If you bought your house when your family was younger, you should probably consider upgrading your roof. You could install sky windows or if you have the right amount of exposure to the sun, you could also install solar panels on your roof.

Add A Deck, Patio or Pool

A deck has a great advantage by being able to be built above ground which makes that extra space usable. Decks are good for gatherings, simple sunbathing or for gardening projects. You could add chairs and tables, or flower boxes and pots to add a small herb & vegetable garden for yourself. Additionally, you could also dig out some space outside your deck and line it with a flower garden as well. A patio is built directly into the ground, which helps it be more stable than a deck. With a patio, you can install outdoor kitchens.

Awnings are a popular cover choice for a deck or patio as it provides shade with the option of being retractable. Pergolas on the other hand, can cover much more space than an awning and can be designed to offer either a full roof & ceiling or it could have a lattice design. Pergolas also have the benefit of being a great spot for climbing plants.

Despite their high maintenance, pools remain a popular add-on to homes. You can have the benefit of going swimming while enjoying it in the privacy of your own home.

Change Your Landscape

The surrounding property can be overlooked or under utilized. Simply mowing your lawn isn’t a guaranteed way to keep your lawn in shape. It needs to be fertilized every so often for it to stay green. You can further improve your home’s value by adding more to it as well. Gardens, artificial lakes, ponds and gardens remain popular choices for homeowners. Gardens are much more common since they are inexpensive to maintain when compared to artificially building a lake. 

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