Three Features to Consider in Your New Custom Home

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Designing your own home is an exciting experience. You can decide where you want to place the rooms, how many of each room you want, and exactly how you want your home to look. You can create a home that meets your needs and that matches your unique style.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a custom-designed home, you might be wondering what features to include. Here’s a look at three features that you might want in your custom-built home.

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Laundry Chute

In a two-story home or a multi-story home, unless you have more than one laundry room, you will likely have to carry clothes up and down the stairs regularly. While putting all the bedrooms and the laundry room on one floor is one option to decrease the number of times you have to take laundry up and down the stairs, a laundry chute is another option. While you will still have to carry your clothes back upstairs, with a laundry chute, you only need to carry them one way.

 A laundry chute can be especially nice if you have a large family. Everyone can throw their own clothes down the chute, and ideally you won’t have to worry about dirty clothes lying around your children’s rooms. All the dirty clothes should be in one spot. Young kids often have fun with laundry chutes. Throwing their dirty clothes down the chute can become a game. Yet, it is also important for your laundry chute to be high enough that your small children will not climb in it and accidentally hurt themselves. Since bedrooms and bathrooms are common places where people change their clothes, these are also good places to install a laundry chute. For convenience, it can also be put in the hallway between bedrooms.

three season porch

Three-Season Porch

If you like the beauty of the outdoors combined with the comfort of the indoors, a three-season porch might be the perfect addition to your custom-built home. With your three-season porch, you can make your space into whatever you want it to be. At its most basic level, a three-season porch is a fully enclosed porch. This means that natural lighting can come from almost every direction. While many three-season porches have a roof much like is on the rest of your house, skylights can also be installed in a three-season porch to provide natural lighting from above.

There are a variety of uses for a three-season porch. First, it’s a great place to go to enjoy your coffee or your breakfast in the morning. By adding an outdoor couch and other outdoor furniture, the space can be treated like a second living room or an additional dining area, giving you an area where you can play games or socialize with your family and friends. It can even be made into a fun play area, where your young children can enjoy their outdoor toys even when it’s rainy, snowy, windy, or you otherwise would prefer for them to stay inside to play.  Add in a fireplace and a ceiling fan, and you will be able to use your three-season porch even when it might otherwise feel too cold or too hot to comfortably continue using it.  

If you enjoy entertaining outside, a three-season porch is a perfect addition to your space. Guests who don’t want to go outside can still be a part of the festivities as they play games or talk on this space. It also provides an area where guests can go once the sun goes down and it starts to get a little cooler. Plus, a three-season porch is a great back-up, just in case the weather doesn’t cooperate with your outdoor entertainment plans.

Home Theater Room 

If your family enjoys watching movies, you may want a theater room in your new home. This is a room where your family can really enjoy the experience of watching a movie on the big screen without having to leave your house. Since you are starting with a blank slate, you can have your theater room wherever you want in your home.  To cut back on outside light and sounds, the room should be in a space with little or no natural lighting or should have curtains that block outside light and sounds. The room can also be soundproofed so your movie viewing experience will not bother others in the home, and you will not be bothered by what people are doing in other parts of the house.

When it comes to your movie theater screen, you have two basic options. You can use a large-screen television, or you can use a projector and a drop-down movie screen. For many people, the drop-down movie screen is the preferred option since you’ll likely be able to get a larger screen, and it will feel more like a cinema experience.

To increase the appeal of your theater room, you will likely want surround-sound. This will allow viewers to feel like they are at the theater. You can even purchase home theater seating. These often include chairs that recline and that include a place for your drinks. If you are planning on designing a larger home theater room, you may even want to include tiered seating, allowing people to sit closer or farther from the screen and still not have an obstructed view.

A home theater really gives you the opportunity to connect with family and friends. One bonus is that if you like having your teenagers at home, they’ll likely be inviting their friends over more often rather than going somewhere else to have fun. It’s a bit of a win/win situation since you get your teenagers at home while they get to be the cool kids to their friends.  

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