Building a Custom Home in Eagan, MN

As the largest city in Dakota County, Eagan is home to around 67,000 people. Residents of this Twin Cities suburb love its gorgeous urban forest, great schools, and equal proximity to both Minneapolis and St. Paul. Featured by Money Magazine’s Best Places to Live list as well as Livability’s Top 100 Best Places list, Eagan is an attractive site for prospective homeowners.

With a rich history stretching all the way back to 1860, Eagan’s lush farmland made it primarily an agricultural town for generations. In fact, it was once known as the Onion Capital of the U.S. Nowadays, Eagan is a thriving suburb that offers attractions, employment opportunities, and convenience for its residents. If you’re looking to build or remodel a home near Minneapolis, then Eagan might just be the perfect location for you. 

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Eagan, MN: Close to the Twin Cities but Surrounded by Nature

One of the most attractive aspects of Eagan is its proximity to major metropolitan areas. Approximately twenty minutes from cities like Minneapolis and St. Paul, it’s easy for Eagan residents to enjoy the suburban feel of Eagan while taking advantage of opportunities in urban areas. However, many residents of Eagan and the surrounding areas actually work in the city itself, which is the home to large companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield and Thomson Reuters.

But Eagan isn’t only defined by its closeness to urban areas: it’s also known for its natural beauty. Tirelessly devoted to an urban forest that highlights species like ash and oak, homeowners in Eagan don’t have to go far to enjoy the great outdoors:

The Facts on Jobs, Employment, and Income in Eagan, MN

According to Best Places, the Twin Cities area occupied by Eagan is one of the most “economically diverse” in the nation. Eagan and the surrounding area are home to many large employers in varying fields like agriculture, transportation, banking, and technology. Let’s take a closer look at how Eagan stacks up nationally and statewide when it comes to some key income and employment metrics:

  • The income per capita is $42,029, compared to a statewide $33,225 and a nationwide $29,829.
  • In Eagan, the median household income is $82,855 compared to Minnesota’s $63,217 and the country’s $55,322.
  • Eagan’s poverty level is a low 6.8%, compared to Minnesota’s 10.8% and the nation’s 15.1%.
  • Eagan has a 2.3% unemployment rate, lower than the nationwide average of 3.9%.

Something for Everyone: Culture, Schools, and Attractions

Eagan, MN, is an attractive place to call home for many different demographics. For example, families love that Eagan’s schools have an A+ rating with Niche, with schools like Eagan Senior High School ranked as the #6 best public school in the entire state of Minnesota. Looking for higher education opportunities for you or your family? There are several colleges and universities within 15 miles of Eagan, including:

  • National American University Bloomington
  • Northwestern Health Sciences University
  • Northwest Technical Institute
  • McNally Smith College of Music

In addition to the incredible schools, Eagan also ranks as #7 out of 140 suburbs best-suited for young professionals. While this definitely has to do with the city’s many employment opportunities, Eagan also highlights a creative culture which is heavily influenced by the arts. A variety of restaurants and unique shopping experiences mean that Eagan residents don’t have to travel to nearby Minneapolis to have fun.

Eagan also features a variety of attractions, both in the city and nearby:

The Housing Market in Eagan, MN

With a median sales price of $295,700, Eagan’s homes are priced higher-than-average as compared to the rest of the country. This demonstrates the high value of Eagan homes, as does the fact that a whopping 86% of Eagan residents are homeowners — compared to the national homeownership rate of 64.2%.

Why is Remodeling or Customizing a Home in Eagan a Great Choice for You?

If you’ve been scanning the housing market in Eagan, MN, then you might be weighing your options for homeownership. Should you buy and live in an pre-existing home? Should you build your own custom home? Or remodel a home to make it your own? Though every situation is different, there are many reasons why remodeling or customizing a home in Eagan, MN, might be the best choice for you:

  • No need to compromise. Found the perfect neighborhood, but aren’t impressed with the homes? By remodeling and customizing your own home, you get the home you want, where you want. No compromise necessary. 
  • Create a one-of-a-kind home. You know yourself and your family better than anyone. When you design a home with the help of a professional team, you can create the unique and customized home that fits best with your family’s needs, hobbies, and aesthetic.
  • Build property value. When you remodel a home, you’re making a long-term investment. This is an especially wise decision in Eagan, where, according to Trulia, the housing market has shown a 10% rise in median sales price every year.
  • Greater efficiency. When you build or remodel a home, you can create an incredibly energy-efficient home that will conserve resources and save money for years to come. 

If you’re ready to remodel, customize, or build a new home in Eagan, MN, then you need expert local builders on your side. At GreenWood, our in-depth knowledge of Eagan and the surrounding areas means you’ll get the experience, expertise, and support you need to build or remodel your dream home. Ready to get started? Get in touch with us today.