4 Reasons to Live and Build a Custom Home in Victoria, MN

Custom Home Builder Victoria, Minnesota

With all the quality communities to choose from in Minnesota, finding the ideal place to live can be a tough choice for potential homeowners. Overall, the choice has to both match their practical needs and resonate with their hearts on a deeper level. In an effort to help narrow down the choices, let’s examine 4 reasons to live and build a custom home in Victoria, MN.

Building a Custom Home In Victoria, MN

Victoria is located about 20 miles west of Minneapolis in eastern Carver County. With only 9,305 residents, this small “city of lakes and parks” enjoys a small town atmosphere without being too far removed from the Twin Cities; Edina is the largest city close-by (9.3 miles northeast) with around 50k residents.

Notably, Victoria is a highly educated community (63.2% of residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher) with a very low crime rate (safer than 84% of U.S. cities) and a large percentage of family households (84.4%). The higher than average incomes ($131,833) coincide with higher than average home prices ($422,817) and cost of living. Economically, Victoria is home to mostly white-collar professionals in management and sales occupations (stats from City-Data.com).

1. The “City of Lakes and Parks” is a Nature Lover’s Paradise:

Victoria is a beautiful city surrounded by lakes and parks, making it the perfect home for nature lovers. Roughly half of the city to the north is part of the Carver Park Reserve and Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. This northern half of Victoria is delineated by Highway 5; the downtown is located in the middle of the city below Highway 5 and above the Deer Run Golf Club.

Residents of Victoria are in a great location to enjoy nature, as the city is home to thirteen parks and nine lakes, including the 1,800-acre Carver Park Reserve. They can even get on the Lake Minnetonka Regional Trail from downtown and hike 15 miles east to the city of Hopkins while they visit the numerous communities in-between.

The possibilities for enjoying nature in and around Victoria are nearly endless, making this one of the most compelling reasons to live in this desirable small city in Minnesota. For example, hikers can visit the Grimm Farm historic site while hiking on the Grimm Farm trail, then visit the Lowry Nature Center before making camp at the Lake Auburn Campground.

Just south of downtown is Lions Park and Diethelm Park, which offer residents many ways to enjoy sports and other activities. The Victoria Recreation Center is located in Diethelm Park and residents can enjoy ice skating at the Lions Park Outdoor Ice Rink. Also south of downtown are Kelzer Pond and Church Lake where residents can enjoy fishing and more beautiful scenery.

2. Small Town Environment with Many Things to Do:

In addition to being a nature lover’s paradise, Victoria offers residents the perfect mix between city and country life. They’ll find the community offers many ways to get involved and stay active. From learning archery at the Victoria Recreation Center to throwing axes at the cultural hotspot Victoria Burrow, residents will find plenty of things to do in Victoria.

Residents can enjoy the peaceful, small town environment of Victoria while still being close enough to viably commute to the Twin Cities. Also close-by are Carver County’s largest cities of Chaska (2.1 miles southeast, 23k population) and Chanhassen (2.2 miles northeast, 22k population).

Victoria and its lovely downtown area has many shops, cafes, restaurants, boutiques, and pubs to satisfy the cultural tastes of their highly-educated community. As for golf lovers, the Deer Run Golf Club is an exceptional public course located in the heart of Victoria just south of downtown.

3. Quality Place to Live and Raise a Family:

Overall, Victoria is simply a quality place to live and raise a family. This is evidenced by the rise of new construction and higher than average home prices. As for education, the Victoria Elementary School (public) and the Holy Family Catholic High School (private) are quality options within Victoria; in addition, residents are well-served by Eastern Carver County Schools outside of Victoria.

Essentially, the high price of living in Victoria is worth it for many people, and this trend isn’t likely to subside anytime soon either. With good appreciation rates (up 4.7% in the last 12 months) and high-demand, buying a home or building a custom home in Victoria is a solid investment.

While investing in a home in Victoria has to make financial sense, the appeal of Victoria is more than stats can properly describe. Ultimately, the city’s unique character is what draws people to move there and raise their families. This unique character combined with the quality of life and community Victoria offers makes this small city a great place to live.

4. Benefits of Building a Custom Home in Victoria:

Victoria’s real estate market is perfect for building a custom home. While there are many new and used homes for sale to choose from, potential homeowners should consider the benefits of building a custom home first. These benefits include:

    • expands neighborhood options
    • homeowners get exactly what they want without excess
    • custom design for preferred livability
    • maximize square footage with budget
    • stay within budget with expanded options
    • newly constructed home 

While buying one of the many newly constructed homes for sale in Victoria would be great, having a custom home designed and built would be even better. The custom home option expands the neighborhoods homeowners can live in and produces the exact home they desire. These important factors will influence long-term stability and satisfaction.

Build Your Custom Home With GreenWood Design Build

Victoria offers residents the perfect blend of nature, city, and country. Its location just beneath the large Carver Park Reserve and its abundance of parks and lakes make it seem like a small city in the wilderness, rather than a suburb just 20 miles from Minneapolis.

In addition to the city’s ideal location and natural beauty, the small town environment full of well-educated, above average income earners, offers residents a safe, interesting place to live and raise a family. Also, with less than 10k people, residents can easily get involved and be part of the community without being lost in the crowd.

These are some of the compelling reasons why people are moving to Victoria and its home prices are higher than average. This demand for homes also makes it a perfect place to have a custom home built, as homeowners can expand their neighborhood choices, stay within their budgets, and get the exact home they desire. If interested in learning how GreenWood Design Build can help please contact us today.