Custom Home Building: The Luxury of a Private Gym

If you’re building a custom home or thinking about expanding your current home, consider adding a space for a private gym to your design plans. A home gym is quite a luxury for any homeowner. Imagine being able to exercise in private whenever you want and always having access to your favorite equipment. No more dragging yourself around town in bad weather, paying gym fees, or making excuses why you can’t work out!

A Few Ideas for Your Gym:

Space – The size of the room you’ll need for your gym is dependent on how much equipment and the types of machines that you intend to have. Write down all of the exercise equipment that you want and the dimensions of that equipment. After you have your calculations, you should at least double the space you think you’ll need. You don’t want to feel cramped in the room, and you’ll also want extra space in case you decide on additional equipment at some point.

Materials – Choose a durable wood or tile flooring. If you’re going to have heavy equipment in the space, you’ll want something that will hold up. Consider lining one wall with mirrors, so you can watch yourself and make certain that your form is correct when you’re exercising. Mirrors also will make the room feel more open and bright. Use recessed lighting in the space for the best overall look and functionality.

Accessories – You might want to include a wall-mounted television and shelving for a stereo, so you can listen to music or stay current with the news or even watch a video while you’re working out. A bench or other seating is a must for when you need to rest. A custom closet for storing mats, small weights, towels, or other items is also a nice addition to keep the space looking clean and organized.

For more ideas about custom home building, please contact us today. We want you and your family to enjoy your house for many years, so we work with homeowners to give you the best custom designs possible!