Where Minnesota is Experiencing Growth with New Custom Home Construction

While we will remember 2020 for the  global pandemic, it’s also the year that many Americans began migrating to other parts of the country. It’s interesting to read the data that tells us where the migrations ended. U-Haul’s stats reveal where their one-way trucks headed throughout 2020, giving us a breakdown of how our 50 states ranked for welcoming new residents. With “more than 2 million one-way rentals,” our North Star State “ranks 20th on the list.” 

1. Minnesota is a Four-Season State to Enjoy the  Extreme

If you love experiencing four seasons, living in Minnesota offers it all. While the winters are bitter cold and summers can be as hot as “100 degrees F,” the weather in between is some of the best.  Minnesotans don’t let the weather keep them from venturing outdoors. There is “a wide variety of activities, adventures and recreational opportunities” throughout the year.  

2. How the Population Spans Across Minnesota in 2021

A tidbit of information that makes for a great trivia question: “Minnesota is the northernmost state outside of Alaska.” Due to its geography, most of the state is sparsely populated, with most of the population living in and around two of the three largest cities: Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and Rochester.

While approximately “60% of Minnesota’s population lives in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area,” the remaining residents “are spread throughout the remainder of the state.” The Minneapolis-St. Paul area has two heavily populated counties. “Hennepin has over one million residents, while Ramsey is home to just over 500,000 residents.”

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3. Best Minnesota Places to Live in 2021

According to Niche, neighborhoods, suburbs, and one town in Minneapolis-St. Paul area is some of the best places to live in Minnesota in 2021, based upon “quality of local schools, crime rates, housing trends, employment statistics, and access to amenities.”  Keep on reading, there are more places to consider when you see the cities experiencing the fastest growth, giving new Minnesotans exceptional choices. 

4. The Minnesota Cities Proving the Fastest Growth in the Last Decade

It may be surprising to see that Minnesota is experiencing exciting growth, not far from the Minneapolis-St. Paul area in the last decade. While most of these booming cities, Rogers, Medina, Victoria, Otsego, Minnetrista, Dayton, Hugo, and North Oaks, are within 16 to 40 miles from the Twin Cities, Alexandria and Sartell are within 136 miles to the northeast.

Minnesota’s growth is predominantly all around the Minneapolis-St. Paul, offering a suburban lifestyle with close proximity to all the amenities of these dynamic metropolitan cities. Each city has its own distinguishing characteristics and qualities. 

5. Considering Moving to Minnesota? Here is Helpful Information… 

Thanks to Bellhop, a nationwide moving company, you have helpful information about our distinguished state, known for its lakes, forests, and many Fortune 500 companies. It’s no wonder that over half of our state’s population is in and around the Twin Cities. 

A. Headquarter “Behemoth” for Fortune 500 Companies

The job force is dynamic in Minneapolis-St. Paul, being “one of the most concentrated areas in the world for fortune 500 companies. Massive behemoths like Target, United Health Group, 3M, Best Buy, General Mills and Land O’ Lakes have chosen the Twin Cities to house their corporate headquarters. And this is only a small portion of the 17 massive corporations that reside in the area.” With only a short drive, approximately 12 miles, between these two cities, you have a diverse selection of experiences all year round. 

B. Minneapolis: “Miniature Version of the Big Apple”

Like New York City, Minneapolis is another city with exceptional character with plenty of culture and entertainment. Not only is the skyline as breathtaking as the Big Apples, but it’s also home to exciting sports teams; “Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Timberwolves, Minnesota Vikings and the Minnesota Lynx.” No matter the season, there is bustling excitement in New York City’s “little brother.”

C. Saint Paul: City of “Romantic Charm”

Unlike the bigger city, St. Paul doesn’t have a breathtaking skyline. It’s a city of nostalgia with its Victorian-style architecture, and it’s the place to enjoy a more tranquil lifestyle, away from the bustling city, only minutes away.

D. Minnesota Winters: You Learn to Love Them

It’s all about being prepared and learning from neighbors who know how to embrace our winter’s extreme cold. Keeping warm inside your home and car is vital. You can start with these “6 Survival Tips for Surviving a Minnesota Winter.” 

  • You learn to layer clothes, and long underwear will be a vital part of your winter wardrobe. 
  • It’s vital to learn the emergency snow routes to avoid getting in a snowbound situation.
  • You will learn to use a shovel and operate a snowblower to keep snow from piling up at the doors, in the driveway, and around the HVAC system.
  • Another vital tip is learning to provision your car for potential winter breakdowns. 
  • Bundle up and learn to embrace winter activities: building the best snow sculpture, ice fishing, snowshoeing, skiing, and more. 
  • Maintain your heating system, especially before the bitter cold hits.

E. Saving the Best for Last: The Foods Minnesotans Love

Getting out in the dead of a Minnesota winter, you will be burning a lot of calories. Minnesotans know how to fuel their energy with some of the tastiest foods. Influenced by the “Scandinavian, Italian and other far-away influences,” you will have a smorgasbord of “diverse yet comforting fare.”

6. GreenWood Design Build: Custom-Designing the Minnesota Home Every Client Envisions

With the partnership of an architectural designer and a builder, it is our mission at GreenWood to learn what will help every client flourish in their Minnesota home. Our designs are uniquely tailored around each one of our homeowners, making every home a unique creation. With our knowledge of Minnesota’s extreme seasonal fluctuations, we help our clients design their homes with the most important factors to consider for comfortable living all year round. 

See how your Minnesota home can be more than a vision, when we combine comfort and luxury to create your home’s unique design, from creation to construction. Partners, Doug and Scott, welcome your call  at GreenWood Design Build.