The Best Custom Home Builder in Minneapolis

If you’ve finally made up your mind to build your new home in or around Minneapolis, your first priority is finding the best custom home builder in the area. You’ll want to find a builder who

  1. Offers you the most house for your money
  2. Does everything possible to understand your needs and work them into your budget
  3. Keeps you informed of problems and progress
  4. Has a solid reputation in the area
  5. Combines the expertise of an architect and a master builder with years of experience and education under their belts
  6. Is a member of the Builders Association of the Twin Cities
  7. Understands the emotional investment you have in ending up with a house you can call your “dream home”

That’s a tall order, but there is an area builder that fits the bill to a tee. It’s Greenwood Design Build in Edina. Greenwood builds custom homes in the truest sense of the word. If there’s a way to fulfill every single vision you have for your new home, they’ll find it while respecting your budget constraints at the same time. We want your new home to fit the way you live, and we’ll “bend over backwards” to make sure it does!

Our unique pairing of an architectural designer (Doug) and a master builder (Scott) not only works well for us, but it saves you time, money, and most importantly it eliminates a lot of potential frustration, ultimately providing you with the most enjoyable home building experience possible. Contact us and let us show you why you should choose Greenwood to build your new Minneapolis home.