Talk to a Custom Home Builder in Minnetonka, Minnesota

If you’re a family with school-age kids, Minnetonka is the place to live! Our schools are some of the very best in the state. In fact, this year ranked Minnetonka the #1 school district in all of Minnesota! Our high school is an International Baccalaureate World School. (And the accolades don’t end there, but we don’t want to sound like we’re bragging!) Kids lucky enough to get an education in Minnetonka’s schools will have a “leg up” when the time comes to start applying for college!

But the schools aren’t the only draw. Minnetonka is only 8 miles from Minneapolis, allowing easy access to the city for work or entertainment and culture. The town has a thriving business community of its own as well as beautiful residential areas. Add in literally dozens of ponds and three creek corridors, lots of open space, parkland and wetlands, and you’ve got the makings of a truly special community!

But before you start scanning the MLS for home listings, consider building the home of your dreams here in Minnetonka instead. The little extra you spend up front will be spread across years, whereas money for renovations on a resale home would not be. And of course a new home means no renovations or maintenance needed for years and years to come! Best of all, you won’t have to “settle” for anything. What you want is what you’ll get. That’s the beauty of buying a newly built home as opposed to a resale home!

We’re Doug Cutting and Scott Loehrer of Greenwood Design Build, and we’re custom home builders serving Minnetonka, Minnesota and surrounding communities. We’re a unique pairing — an architect and a master builder — who teamed up to combine our expertise and experience (30 years combined), and create the most innovative home building company anywhere. We’ll get to know a little about you and your lifestyle, discuss your needs and wishes too, and come up with a plan for your dream home, built within your budget. Contact us today and we’ll talk. There’s no obligation, no “hard sell”, just a conversation about the possibility of building a home that’s a reflection of your lifestyle!