Subtle Bathroom Remodeling Ideas that May Help Your Loved One Grow Old in the Home They Love

Growing old isn’t for the faint of heart. The challenges that come with aging are both physically and emotionally difficult. These unique physical challenges often require one to need assistance with one’s daily routine, and for each person, that assistance comes at a different time, and in a different manner. Most people desire to remain in their home as long as they are physically able. After all, one’s home is usually the place where one feels the strongest sense of security. There is a sense of peace that can only be felt when surrounded by all that is safe and familiar.

If you have a loved one that is desperately trying to remain in their home, the following subtle bathroom remodeling ideas may help them stay safe and secure in their own familiar surroundings, and may contribute to their quality of life.

Install a Curbless Shower

As people age, they often become dependent on walkers, rollators, or wheelchairs. Furthermore, some require caretakers to help them with their daily hygiene needs. Being able to get in and out of a shower area safely, and having enough room in that shower area to maneuver, would be a tremendous help to those who may suffer from limited mobility. When done right, a curbless shower with a nonslip floor could lend a modern, spa-like feel to your loved one’s bathroom, making bathing a truly safe, yet comforting experience.

Replace the Vanity

For someone who struggles with their balance or stamina, standing at the sink long enough to perform simple tasks, such as brushing one’s teeth, or combing one’s hair, can become more and more difficult as the years go by. One very subtle solution to this is to replace a standard vanity cabinet and sink with a wall-mounted vanity. The open area underneath the sink would allow for leg room if your loved one should be confined to a wheelchair or need to sit while performing daily grooming tasks.

Replace the Toilet

As the body ages, muscles deteriorate and joints stiffen to the point that even the most basic of tasks may become difficult. A comfort-height toilet may only be a few inches higher than a standard toilet, but those few inches make a big difference, contributing to the ease of use. Those few inches are subtle enough to prevent your bathroom from looking institutionalized, but can help make your bathroom a safe, secure, accessible place for the one you love.

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