Seven Inspirational Ideas to Remodel Your Bathroom

There are two ways to redesign a bathroom for luxury and relaxation. You can change a few features to increase the comfort and interior decor or you can completely reinvent your bathroom into a unique and unforgettable bathing experience. Whether you get ready for work every day in your bathroom or like to spend all weekend soaking in your tub, your bathroom should be a luxurious place of relaxation.

Every bathroom renovation starts with a vision; your idea of the perfect bathroom that your contractors can make come to life. Once you have your vision in place, you’ll be ready to consult and make that renovation happen. Today, we’re sharing seven inspirational ideas to help you to envision the perfect remodel project and create the bathroom of your dreams.

1) The Ultimate Bathtub Experience

For some of us, the best part of a custom bathroom is that huge luxurious bathtub. We all remember that incredible feeling in childhood of being able to fully stretch out and float in the bathtub, but standard-sized bathtubs can hardly offer that to a full-grown adult. But this is your bathroom and if you love to bathe, you have every reason to build yourself the ultimate bathtub experience.

The perfect soaking design starts with a luxurious garden tub; whatever design makes you feel most relaxed, whether that’s an in-tub seat or a deep swirl of warm water your entire body can float in. But why stop there? Don’t forget to add jars of Epsom salts and perhaps a few wall-mounted or tub-mounted dispensers of bath oils, essential oils, and bubble bath solution to truly luxuriate in the bath.

bathroom remodeling

2) The Two-Sided Master Suite Fireplace

If you live in a region that gets cold in the winter, there is nothing more romantic than a crackling fireplace with your special someone, or even to enjoy alone. Most home fireplaces are in the living room where family and guests can gather ’round, but there’s no law that says you can’t have your own personal cozy fire in the master suite.

The most beautiful and versatile master suite fireplace is one that is set into the wall that separates the bedroom and bathroom. After all, when you’re wrapped in fluffy towels and enjoying your bedtime beauty ritual, that’s exactly when you want the warmth and beauty of a cozy fireplace the most. Enjoy it from your bathtub or the comfort of your bed with equal joy.

3) The Home Theater Bathroom Suite

Are you someone who finds yourself putting on podcasts or even movies on your iPad while you shower, bathe, and brush your teeth? Many of us adore the idea of media in the bathroom, but it’s challenging to find a practical way to enjoy it. Sure, there are waterproof shower radios and smartwatches, but remodeling your bathroom gives you a unique opportunity to create a safe and incredibly entertaining home theater in your bathroom suite.

All you need to do is pick the perfect wall for your new flat-screen smart TV and mount water-resistant surround-sound around the ceiling corners of your bathroom. Combine this with the luxury of a voice-controlled smart home and you don’t even need to worry about fumbling a remote in the water. Finally, you can enjoy your favorite music, movies, podcasts, and spa-sounds in your bathroom on demand.

4) The Luxury Handicap-Accessible Experience

Are you or your partner living with a physical handicap? With modern luxury bathroom designs, this is hardly a hindrance in remodeling your bathroom into a wonderful oasis. In fact, the latest bathroom design trends are actually emulating technology invented for handicap accessibility.

Walk-in showers so deep that you don’t need a ledge or a door are the pinnacle of style and cabinet-less sinks are sleek and beautiful when crafted with curves and mixed-metal fixtures. You can easily blend the grab-bars you need to comfortably get around with an elegant stone-and-metal motif and create the perfect place to enjoy yourself in your own private bathroom oasis.

5) The Window to Paradise

Big beautiful windows in bathrooms are something that many people desire, but few feel comfortable actually enjoying. However, modern printing and lighting technology has introduced something new, innovative, and absolutely breathtaking: Photo-realistic wall mural “windows”. With a large sheet of vinyl and diffuse LED lights, you can create a gently glowing window a distant and beautiful paradise right in your bathroom without the risk of a single person seeing you in the bath.

If you have always wanted to stare out over a city skyline or feel that you could walk directly into a dripping tropical jungle from your bathroom window, now you can. Give yourself a window to paradise and design your entire bathroom around enjoying the view.

window to paradise

6) The Booklovers’s Reading Spa

For some, the ultimate definition of a relaxing afternoon is reading in the bath. This is a risky proposition, something that you take on every time you step into the steamy water with a paper book or a reading tablet, but who doesn’t want to sink into the water with a good book to carry your mind to faraway fantasies?

If you are a book lover even in the age of digital media, you can work this life-long love of the written word into your bathroom design. Today, paper books can be bought a literal dime a dozen from used book retailers, allowing you to fill any room with that wonderful aging book smell. Built-in shelves, glass shelf doors, and high-quality ventilation can keep your books safe and ensure that you can always pick up something delightful to read when you’re ready to slip into the bath and lose yourself between the pages. Enjoy the libarary paradise of your own private reading spa by surrounding yourself with the paper books you love so much.

7) The Living Garden Tub

Last but certainly not least is the living garden bathroom design. Who says your bathroom has to be outdoors to enjoy being surrounded by the beauty of nature? If you have always wanted a bathroom and a garden in the same luxury experience, you can absolutely have this. From adding a skylight to creating beautifully lit little garden nooks, you can surround yourself with living plant life in the shower, along the walls, and even fragrant blooming flowers to ensure your master bath always has a pleasing aroma.

If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom into the perfect personal paradise, let these inspirational ideas set your imagination alight. Free yourself from the traditional boundaries of bathroom design and realize that it’s your bathroom and you can have whatever makes you feel most relaxed and delighted.

Envision the bathroom you most want to have, then break it down into how you can transform each aspect of your current bathroom into an actionable plan. When you’re ready, work with your chosen contractors and start making that dream a reality. Contact us today for more inspirational ideas or to consult on the remodel design you are already thinking of.