Light Rail Extension Plans Make Eden Prairie Home Construction Worth Considering

The path to homeownership typically comes from three ways in buying, building, and inheriting. Almost everyone has put some time into thinking about purchasing a home, but there are noticeable disadvantages when choosing this route over building a home that is customized for your needs. It is not hard to find homes for sale in cities and townships around Minneapolis and St. Paul. Regardless, you should think about picking Eden Prairie home construction, especially with the new light rail coming in.

Future Public Transit Access to Popular Destinations

When the green line extension goes to Eden Prairie, you will have easy access to places all over the city. The light rail can take you to St. Paul, Mall of America, as well as the International Airport. These are just a few notable destinations that you will enjoy being able to get to solely from public transportation.

Enhanced Property Value Over Time

Some people believe that property value goes down when public transit is brought into the area, but studies have shown that values actually increase when this happens. A 2% to 18% increase is a noticeable rise that should definitely not be overlooked in regard to the long-term value of your home.

Opportunity to Live Car Free

Most people who live without a vehicle are closer to the city where walking and biking are the preferred modes of transportation. Eden Prairie allows you to handle a multitude of errands without a car, but the addition of a light rail system may be just what you need to finally go car free. It is not necessary, but having the option can certainly be enticing for cutting costs and having less responsibility.

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