Kitchen Remodeling: Top Trends of 2017

A kitchen remodeling project has the advantage of making you happy every time you cook, eat, or just hang out in the kitchen. And that’s a lot of hanging out: as Better Homes and Gardens puts it, the kitchen is the new family room in terms of time spent socializing with family members.

It also has the potential to add resale value to your home. An out-of-date kitchen can make potential buyers turn on their heel, thinking that they will have to invest a lot to bring it up to date.

That said, there are plenty of design trends on the horizon for the new year. Here is a top three list.

  1. Open plans. Open plans are increasingly popular every year, in every area of the house, but especially in the kitchen. It’s all that socializing, for one thing. With an open plan, a kitchen is easy to move around in, easy to sit and chat in, easy to grab a cup of tea from. It also flows nicely into adjacent rooms, like living rooms and den.
  2. Blue appliances. The color of appliances like refrigerators and stoves is highly subject to fashion. White is in; then it’s out. Decades ago, avocado and goldenrod were in. But currently, no appliance color is as popular as navy blue. The advantage of navy blue is that it harmonizes well with all colors, all granites, and all woods.
  3. White cabinets. Although many people love wood cabinets (and if you’re having a kitchen remodeled, you can always have them!), white is the design trend color. For one thing, it harmonizes with the navy blue appliances. It also imparts a sparkling clean look to a remodeled kitchen.

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