Kitchen Remodeling: Seven Signs Your Kitchen Needs Work

At what point does a property need kitchen remodeling? That’s a pretty good question. Luckily, we’ve got seven pretty good answers.

  • First sign: Bumps in the flooring. This can cause people who aren’t used to walking on your floor to trip. Ideal flooring is level and smooth in all areas.
  • Second sign: People bump into each other often in the kitchen. Your kitchen probably could benefit from a remodeling job that spaces out the refrigerator, stove, and sink more widely.
  • Third sign: Not enough storage space. If you struggle to fit all your dishes and food in the cabinets, you need storage spaces added to your kitchen.
  • Fourth sign: Scratched-up counters. Counters with many scratches look untidy and worn out, which paints a negative picture of your home.
  • Fifth sign: Old appliances. Modern appliances are more energy-efficient than appliances from 30 years ago. When you update your appliances, you’ll use less energy and pay less on your monthly utility bill.
  • Sixth sign: Not enough counter space. Perhaps you’ve bought many appliances that sit on top of your counter. This takes up space and decreases your working area, which is a hassle without sufficient counter space.
  • Seventh sign: Parts of your kitchen are falling apart. Whether it’s cabinets that won’t close, mold issues, or holes in the walls, your kitchen could use a remodeling job if it just seems like it’s falling to pieces.

When it comes time for you to remodel your kitchen, turn to the professionals at GreenWood Design Build. We have the tools, skills, and experience to leave you with results that are truly stunning. To discuss this topic further, please contact us.