Getting Your Home Remodeled in the Twin Cities During the Coronavirus Pandemic is Possible and Safe

The coronavirus pandemic affects everyone and every business in some way, including GreenWood Design Build. As we all continually adjust to the changing social rules, GreenWood and other home remodeling companies are also adjusting to the way they now do business. In all of the changes, we want to assure you that home remodeling projects are still being completed, and our excellent customer service is still in effect. Just because we won’t be shaking your hand doesn’t mean we don’t care! Read on to learn more about the way home remodeling is thriving in the Twin Cities during the pandemic.


Taking COVID-19 seriously is a priority, no matter what project we’re working on. Social distancing changes the way we approach home remodeling. We don’t want to put you or others at risk of the virus, so we’re going to do everything we can to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This means we communicate virtually whenever possible, we wear masks when we’re working in your home, and we limit the number of workers in one room at a time. We also amp up our sanitization protocols by disinfecting shared tools, doorknobs, and other high-touch objects. Our job is to create a living space for you that will enhance your home life. The last thing we want to do is create health risks for you and your family.


Home remodeling in the Twin Cities usually involves meeting with the homeowners to learn their needs and wants. We believe that face-to-face conversations give us a better handle on the individual project. When we can ask and answer questions in real time, we can move forward with greater confidence. This is why virtual meetings are becoming the best way for home remodeling companies to communicate with clients. Using video conference technology, such as Zoom, puts us face-to-face without the added concern of spreading the virus. 

We also rely more heavily on the help of the homeowner. Clients can upload photos of their home, so we can see the areas without physically entering the house. This limits the amount of time we spend in your home.

We find ourselves preparing even better than before, so we can get all the necessary information with fewer times of contact. If something can be done virtually, we’ll do it that way. 


Until someone invents a robot that can safely and efficiently remodel your home, we still do have to come into your house to perform the remodeling work. Our expert remodeling team knows how to get the work done so you are still comfortable in the areas of the house that we are not working on. To make life better and safer for you while we are remodeling, we will set up barrier walls, wear masks, and clean and disinfect before we leave for the day.

We will always check to see what your comfort level is before we come into your home. It’s okay for you to call us and tell us that you don’t want anyone in your home. We understand. We’ll postpone the project and come back when it is safer.


The Parade of Homes was canceled due to the coronavirus, which is a sad thing for both home remodeling companies and prospective clients. However, virtual tours of homes is the new way to see beautiful and innovative home spaces. Check out the tours on the Parade of Homes website, and enjoy virtually walking room to room through several lovely homes in the area. We love it when people come to us with specific ideas for their own homes that they borrowed from someone else’s home.


Now that you are likely spending more time inside your home, you may be considering different areas to remodel. Houses age, just like people, and when they get used more, parts of them wear out faster. At the same time, your family changes, and so do your needs. What worked for you five years ago may no longer be comfortable for your growing family. Even though we are still dealing with the coronavirus, you don’t have to put your home remodeling dreams on hold!

Take advantage of your slower lifestyle to plan some improvements for your home. Then, let us know how we can help. Can we update your kitchen now that you and your family spend more time eating meals at home? What about your bathrooms? Could they use a remodel? How can we make home life better for you? GreenWood can do everything from a whole house remodel project to a small, individual room project. Our professional team takes care of it all for you. Check out this list of ideas that we can do:

  • Kitchens
  • Baths
  • Interior architecture
  • Exterior updates
  • Additions and add-ons
  • Decks, porches, and 3-seasons
  • Lower level finishing
  • Whole house remodeling
  • “Green” design and build

Bring your Twin Cities’ home to life the GreenWood way. We delight in customizing your living spaces so they reflect your personality, style, and needs. Everything we do is top-quality, which means you are going to get a great value for your investment. You’ll be enjoying your newly-remodeled home for years to come, and you’ll be glad you didn’t wait. 


We don’t know when the pandemic will be over, or when social distancing can be put aside, but we do know that we are working harder than ever to make home remodeling possible for our valued customers. In the home remodeling business, safety is always a concern we deal with. We always want to make our remodeling practices as safe as possible. You can trust the GreenWood team to handle this pandemic situation wisely and cautiously.

If your home is in need of remodeling, please feel free to contact us. We’ll call you and set up some type of no-contact meeting that will allow us to answer your questions and get to know you better. Your home is in safe hands with GreenWood Design Build.