Expert Custom Home Builders in Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota

Whether you have a parcel of land you wish to build on or an existing house you want to renovate, customer home building is always a choice. Your home should feature all the details you want. You need to hire custom home builders in Lake Minnetonka to get the home of your dreams.

GreenWood Design is a leader in on-your-lot custom home building and design in Lake Minnetonka. We understand that building a home from scratch is a dream for many people. Our specialists give you the freedom to customize décor, design the house, and add amenities to your liking.

In this article, we outline the benefits of hiring a custom builder for your Minnetonka home.

1.      A Flexible Home

Working with a custom home builder offers you the flexibility to customize your home how you want. The builder will develop several custom home designs, and you can choose the one that suits your specifications. If you don’t like a specific design element, you have leeway to tweak it.

Also, you have control over the material used. You can choose and use anything you like, or your budget allows. Go for a unique roof design or use specific tiles for the flooring and additional elements you cannot find in pre-built homes.

2.      A Future-Proof Home

Most people move and change houses to accommodate growing families. As the family grows, you need more space to live comfortably.

A custom home allows you to design a home that fits your family planning needs. The home you build will suit you today, and consider whatever surprises the future might hold.

3.      Create a Floor Plan That Fits Your Lifestyle

What’s life without the things you love?

The ability to accommodate everything you like, including entertaining your guests, will significantly impact your quality of life. Building a custom home offers an excellent opportunity to play up and host strengths. You can create a custom patio that accentuates an in-ground pool or a barbeque pit for spending quality time with others. Turn the average living room into a great relaxing room or create a kitchen large enough for holding your extended family.

4.      Lower Monthly Energy Bills

While purchasing homes works for some homeowners, it is not always the best for efficient energy use. It is challenging to retrofit an older home with modern, updated energy efficient fixtures as it is costly. 

Granted, a new custom home will have energy-efficient fixtures that the owner wants. It provides an excellent opportunity to dial in energy efficiency and substantially lowering your monthly utility bills.

5.      Express Yourself in the Details

The only time you may have had a say on the details you want is getting color for your bedroom at your parents’ house. After moving out, you live in homes built on someone’s ideas. A custom home is a true expression of the owner. You have an opportunity to make a cohesive living experience that is all you, from colors to design and landscape. 

6.      The Latest Technology, Built Right In

Besides floor plans, integrating new technologies is among the fast-changing aspects of designing a modern house. Your custom home can easily feature multi-room audio systems, home automation, and smart appliances.

7.      Lower Maintenance Costs

Buying an existing home is often a gamble. Several unforeseen maintenance pitfalls present themselves months later or years after signing all the paperwork and closing the deal.

Custom homes are new. You are the first to live in it. The building materials, appliances, and home furnishings come directly from the manufacturers. So you don’t have to worry about regular maintenance, and when something breaks, you can replace them at little to no cost.

8.      Choose the Location You Want

Before you even think of great room designs or getting roofing materials, you have the chance to choose where you want to build.

When planning to build a house for your family, you can build a home near schools and other amenities. By partnering with the right custom home builder in Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota, you can build directly into the natural terrain of your lot.

9.      Opportunity to Choose Your Builder

Succeeding in building your custom home is all about choices, including who you work with.

Entrusting your future home to the hand of a home builder is a huge decision. You only want to choose the best. Your contractor should use the best materials and have experience building homes that exceed your standards and hold their value for years.

10. Pride of Ownership

There is always pride that comes with starting a completing a personalized project. Ready-made homes come with no chance to make changes. You have something to show off with a custom home, including creativity in craftsmanship, artwork, and style. You also feel proud of owning a home you played a significant role in designing and building.

Tips for Hiring a Custom Builder

Your custom home builder is the key to developing the best design and building your dream house. Get a builder with optimal transparency. Try to understand their building process and how they mitigate challenges to finish projects on time.

They should provide a realistic timeline and a detailed estimate. Request quotes beforehand and check for additional services such as job site cleanup. Understand all the details, and ensure there are no hidden costs. 

Also, research the company’s history and its experience building homes. A great custom home builder delivers personal supervision on the project from start to completion.

The company should help you create home designs, assist with inspection, and follow the construction process. If you already have the design, the contactors should listen to your ideas and work upon them. They will be honest if they can accomplish it or have a better suggestion.

Lastly, request references from previous clients. The best custom builders have nothing to hide and can connect you with their clients.

Let’s Work On Your Dream Home Today

When you consider building your custom dream home, don’t settle for anything less than the highest quality partners. GreenWood Design Build has years of custom home building experience to turn your dreams into reality. Architects design all our custom homes to mirror each client’s personality and lifestyle while fitting the neighborhood of their choice. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you build your dream home.