Discover Green and Eco-friendly Kitchen Remodeling

It is easy to go green with a kitchen remodeling project. Green and eco-friendly begins at the design stage. It uses sustainable building materials and techniques, adds energy-efficient functionality, and considers the environmental impact over the life of the remodel. Today’s vast market of materials and appliances has made it easier than ever to make good choices and has lowered the cost.

Green remodeling is one of the hottest trends today. Older homes were built when energy was cheap and more plentiful. They were also before the impact of burning fossil fuels was fully understood, and few people knew about manmade climate change. This has ignited a demand for green homes and eco-friendly remodeling. Since a remodel typically lasts 30 years, not incorporating these ideas can actually impact future home buyer appeal.

Basic Eco-friendly Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Energy Efficient Appliances – Use only ENERGY STAR certified appliances. The Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection  Agency joined forces to rank hundreds of appliances based on energy cost and environmental impact.

Low-Flow Kitchen Faucets – Consider a hands-free and low-flow faucet for your kitchen sink. Water efficiency is often incorporated into bathrooms  but sometimes overlooked in a kitchen remodel.

Energy Efficient Lighting – Using fluorescent lights with halogen and LED lighting sources in task areas. This can cut energy usage between 50 and 90 percent.

Effective Space Design – There are several design ideas for energy efficiency. For example, the use of large windows to bring in plenty of natural light. Also, selecting white or softer backsplashes and countertops can reflect light and brighten the area.

Advanced Eco-friendly Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Kitchen Cabinets – There are several options here from using updated, recycled cabinetry to selecting ones manufactured using sustainable forest management practices. New cabinets should use formaldehyde-free glues and finishes.

Countertops – Investigate countertops made from recycled or sustainable materials. You will find everything from recycled paper to concrete but with the look of limestone, soapstone, and more.

Flooring – Consider sustainable materials like linoleum or cork. They create a unique look and are very durable, but do need regular maintenance.

If you would like to talk more about green and eco-friendly kitchen remodeling ideas, or need more information, please contact us.