Custom Home Building: Why a Library Addition is Perfect for Your Home

When getting a custom home built or remodeling an area in your current home, you should seriously think about including a library addition in your design. Not many homeowners plan for a library, but numerous advantages exist when you add such a space to your home.

Storage — With a library, you’ll have a place to not only keep your books but your magazines as well. You can store your video collection in the library. You can also store your photo albums and sports card collections. You’ll have a place to keep your music collection, plus all those computer software boxes and CDs that you can’t ever seem to find when you need them. This additional storage will free up other storage areas throughout your home while keeping all of your collections in one central space.

Luxury — A library is a definite luxury for a home. It provides you with a private, quiet area to go when you want to get away from the rest of the family. You can read in peace or enjoy some coffee while listening to music. A library also gives you extra space for when you’re entertaining. It’s especially useful when guests start to break off into different groups to talk or want to have an impromptu business meeting.

Value — Extra square footage always adds value to your home. Should you decide to sell your house in the future, you’ll appreciate that added value. Even if a new owner isn’t interested in a library, this extra space is still valuable and easily used for other purposes — such as a craft or hobby room, an extra sitting room, or even a playroom for a child or grandchildren.

You can’t go wrong with a library addition in your home. For more custom home building ideas, please contact us today. Our experts can help you with your needs!