Custom Home Building Trends: Luxury at an Affordable Price

Most people save up money, get approved for a mortgage, and buy a home. But, while it is certainly possible to love the home you purchase, you can get so much more with custom home building. With how quick technology advances and how many improvements are made to the industry of building homes, it is nearly impossible to keep up with everything that you could have built for you. So, it is comforting when you can take some time to learn about a few custom home building trends, such as affordable luxury.

Exterior Look

Putting down full bricks or stone blocks can provide you with a beautiful home, but these options are also rather expensive. So, it is becoming quite common for home builders to use brick or stone veneer while building. This drastically reduces the building costs, which allows for more flexibility in other areas.


Real hardwood flooring used to be the only option, but this is no longer the case. You can get engineered hardwood or laminate that masterfully imitates the look of hardwood floors. The great benefit is that you can get both of these alternatives at a substantially reduced price compared to true hardwood. Homeowners can use this to their advantage for building an affordable home that looks luxurious.


Granite has been a highly desirable countertop for many years. But, several alternatives have been gaining in popularity such as solid surface and butcher block that are both less costly than granite. With so many options to choose from nowadays, you can comparison shop to obtain luxurious features on a budget.

Taking advantage of this trend will give you a great deal of control in where you put your money. If you have any questions about building a custom home, feel free to contact us.