Custom Home Building: The Walk-in Closet of Your Dreams

If you’re custom building a home, or you’re remodeling your current home, having a luxurious walk-in closet is a definite consideration. Storage is always a concern in any home, so if the opportunity arises to maximum your closet space — especially your master bedroom closet — you should do so.

Here are a few ideas for a lavish closet that should meet most of your needs:

Space – For a new home, remember that you’ll almost always need more closet space than you think, so don’t skimp when deciding on size. For a remodel of your current home, consider converting a spare bedroom into a closet, if possible.

Hanging Bars – You’ll want multiple hanging bars in your closet. They should hang at various heights to accommodate both short clothing, such as suits and blouses, and longer items, such as maxi skirts and dresses.

Shelves – Select one wall and fill it completely with shelving. Vary the shelves in height and width, so you’ll have room for different types of objects, such as purses, folded sweaters, T-shirts, even shoes.

Hooks – Include some hooks on one of the walls if you can. Hooks are great for hanging scarves, belts, shawls, and more. They won’t get lost or tangled up with other items. The convenience is worth the sacrifice of a little wall space.

Chest of Drawers – In the center of the closet, set a short chest of drawers to hold underwear, hosiery, lingerie, and other items that you’d rather not leave exposed on open shelving. Consider a granite or quartz top to add a touch of elegance.

Lighting – Don’t overlook lighting. You want to find what you’re searching for easily, so you need a light fixture big enough to illuminate the entire space, but not so big that it makes the closet too hot, especially in the summer.

Comfort Items – If you still have a little room left over, consider adding a full-length mirror that is either attached to a wall or free-standing. Also, a comfortable chair or ottoman in the closet is the ultimate in convenience and luxury. You can set things out or sit down while pulling on your hose, shoes, or other items.

For more ideas on how to plan the perfect closet for every room of your house, please contact us today. Our experts are ready to help. It’s our mission to design, build, or renovate the home of your dreams!