Custom Home Building Orono, MN

With 15 years in the industry and a strong reputation for success, GreenWood Design Build LLC should be your top pick when choosing a custom home-building company near Orono.

Not only does GreenWood Design Build LLC specializes in home building, but we also take pride and joy in continuing the values and traditions that have been passed down for many years.

GreenWood Design Build LLC is the only home builder you need to know. We build custom homes, provide interior design services, and even list homes for sale. No matter your housing desires, we have the solution for you.

 GreenWood Design Build LLC has ample experience in custom home building and can help turn your vision into a reality. We cover all bases – no detail is too small or insignificant for us. We’re confident in our abilities to please customers from start to finish. We have years of experience sprucing up areas like Orono, and we can help you too. After finding the perfect neighborhood for your family, allow us at GreenWood Design Build LLC to design and plan your dream home that incorporates your lifestyle and personality while still being a good fit for the area. Our team is your key to success in achieving your dream home. We expertly plan and coordinate all the necessary people, events, talents, and dreams to ensure everything comes together perfectly!

The Process of Building a Custom Home

  1. Planning and Designing Your Home with an Architect or Designer
  2. Finding the Right Builder for Your Project
  3. Financing Your Custom Home Build
  4. Construction Begins! The following Progress and Staying on Schedule Throughout the Build
  • Price Point

We can’t help you choose an available lot for your custom home in Orono until you settle on a price point.

  • Lot Selection

Now that you’ve decided to buy a vacant lot in Orono, MN, it’s time to consider the features you want for your home. Your preferences will help us know what kind of available lot would be best for you. Do you desire privacy? Open views? Waterfront living? We can assist you in finding a lot that has ideal privacy, an excellent view, or is waterfront – anything else you might imagine wanting in your dream home.

  • Purchase Your Lot

If you’re happy with the lot and ready to move forward, the builder will draw up a Purchase Agreement that locks in the agreed-upon closing date and sale price. Got a realtor? Even better! We’re happy to work with any realtors who have helped you throughout this process. And once you’ve closed on your dream lot, it’s time for the enjoyable part, building your home from scratch!

Ready to take the plunge and build your dream home?

Not everyone can say they built their home from the ground up, especially when the land wasn’t easy to come by. If you’re looking to demolish an existing structure, have a property with plenty of acreages, or wish to live lakeside, GreenWood Design Build LLC homes have countless options.

At GreenWood Design Build LLC, we have over half a century of experience building all types of homes you can imagine. We can make anything from tear-downs to luxury farmhouses, rustic retreats, and modern cottages. No matter your budget or taste, we have an option for you.

Contact GreenWood Design Build  for Custom Home Building Orono, Minnesota

To contact GreenWood Design Build, please call us at 952-217-4156, or you can visit our office at 5555 West 78th Street, Suite B, Edina, MN 55439.