Custom Home Building In Golden Valley, Minnesota

When anticipating a move, it can be both exciting and challenging. The prospect of moving to a new location is thrilling because of the adventure that goes along with the change. Yet, there are questions about what the new place will be like that can cause some trepidation. Selecting the ideal location for your new home in Minnesota is crucial to make the process enjoyable. Golden Valley, Minnesota is a community that offers many benefits for people desiring to settle down. Located in Hennepin County, Minnesota just 12 minutes from Minneapolis, this beautiful city is the perfect place to relocate.

Golden Valley, MN Facts & Information

Making a place your forever home is a commitment. So, it’s important to get as much information about the place beforehand to help you make the right decision. Niche.comgives Golden Valley an A+ rating stating it is “one of the best places to live in Minnesota.”


With a population of 21,520, Golden Valley, MN is a medium-sized city with a friendly, suburban feel to it. The makeup of the population is somewhat ethnically diverse with these races represented:

  • White
  • African American
  • American Indian (less than 1 %)
  • Asian
  • Mixed Race
  • Hispanic or Latino

Approximately 43 % of the population is between the ages of 35 – 64, while 19.3 % are under 18 years old. People between the ages of 18 – 34 make up 18 % of the population.

The median income of a household in Golden Valley, MN is $81,919, which is $26,597 above the national average. In addition, the poverty rate in the area is 8 %, while the national average is 12.3 %.


If you value education, then you will appreciate Golden Valley’s stats in education:

  • 55.6 % of the population are college graduates
  • 96.6 % of the population are high school graduates
  • Golden Valley outspends the national average on its students in the classroom by almost $3,000 per student.
  • The United States spends an average of $12,383, while Golden Valley spends $15,281


Several public schools in the Golden Valley, Minnesota area earn an A rating from, while others still gain high marks. The top public schools are:

  • Xinxing Academy
  • Meadowbrook Elementary School
  • Hopkins Senior High School
  • Hopkins North Junior High School
  • L.H. Tanglen Elementary School

If you’re interested in private schools, Golden Valley has superb choices including:

  • Breck School
  • Good Shepherd School
  • King of Grace Lutheran School


With Minneapolis just a few minutes down the road, residents have plenty of job options. Big brands like General Mills, US Bancorp, Target, and Best Buy are among the many that make their home there. The top industries that make up the workforce are as follows:

  • Professional and Technical Services (15.4%)
  • Retail (11.6 %)
  • Healthcare (11.5 %)
  • Manufacturing (11.2 %)
  • Education (10.7 %)

Things to Do in Golden Valley, MN

Of course, if you’re going to settle down in an area, you want a place that offers plenty of exciting new activities and experiences. You’ll be thrilled to know Golden Valley has many such places to explore. Here are a few of them:

Museums and Arts

  • Minneapolis Institute of Art
  • Mill City Museum

Nature and Parks

  • Chain of Lakes
  • Minneapolis Sculpture Garden
  • Mills Ruins Park

Sports and Recreation

  • Target Field

Real Estate: Buy or Build

Although you may realize that Golden Valley, MN is the place for you to settle down, the question arises: Should you buy a home or build your own? Let’s look at the real estate data for this area.

The Median Home Value is $363,184 and total home appreciation has increased 69.64% since 2000. Just over 74 % of residents own their home versus rent, and 69.1% of the homes in the area are single-family homes. The bulk of homes that you’ll find in Golden Valley have been built between 1940-1969 (56.5%). Only 9.2 % are 2000 or newer.

Benefits of Building Your Own Custom Home in Golden Valley, MN

Making the move to Golden Valley is a fantastic choice, and building your own home provides many benefits.

Select the Exact Size House you Need and Want

One great thing about building a custom home is you can have it made to the size you want. Whether it’s just you and a loved one or you and several loved ones, you can customize the home to suit your needs. In fact, some people choose to build an additional bonus room that can serve various purposes.

Choose the Style you Desire

What style do you like in a home? Do you prefer a colonial, rancher, or maybe a Cape Cod style home? When you buy an already built home, you may not always get what you want. Building means you select not just the exterior style but the interior design elements, as well.

Make it More Energy-Efficient

Building your home will actually save you money in the end. Older style houses tend to have less efficient insulation and building materials. You may be dealing with less efficient furnaces, leaky windows, older roofing, and so on. They will also need repairs and upgrades sooner than a new home will. A brand new home will have the most efficient appliances, windows, roofing, HVAC, and more. Watch the annual savings pour in.

Have More Outdoor Space for Leisure

Most people appreciate a bit of space outdoors. Whether they want extra room for a shed, poll building, kid’s playhouse, garden, pool, parties, or just for relaxation, it’s great to have the option. A lot of houses already built may not have much land with them. When you buy a house, you have to take what you get, but building your own home opens up more doors. Many home building lots are spacious, which means you can have the outdoor beauty you want. Create your garden, put in a pool, host parties, and more with an added room when you build a custom home on a spacious lot.

As you prepare for your move to the lovely Golden Valley area, let Greenwood Design Build help you in your endeavor. At Greenwood, our home architects have been designing and constructing homes for over 15 years. Their passion and experience combine to bring you your dream home. For more information, contact us today.