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A great home begins with a fantastic plan, whether we’re establishing your new house on your property or in an existing subdivision. Whether you start with one of our portfolios of current programs, a sketch on a piece of graph paper or paper napkin, or a set of plans you’ve already drawn up with an architect, GreenWood Design Build LLC can help you create, design, and construct the house of your dreams.

We’ll walk you through some of our past and present work to give you ideas for essential aspects of your project, such as design, budget, timeliness, and finance alternatives. Because the cost of building a custom home is always a concern, GreenWood Design Build LLC takes advantage of our innovative design-build approach’s understanding of construction costs throughout the design process so that clients may review and change the plans at any stage.


Locating and selecting an architect is one of the most challenging aspects of designing a new home. Homebuyers get lost while looking for and choosing an architect, then are shocked by the costs associated with creating a new house. Not at GreenWood Design Build LLC

 Why spend money on a dream house that doesn’t fit your budget after it’s designed? Finding the ideal home entails deciding whether it meets your lifestyle and financial needs.

Fully custom construction

We’re not interested in being the most prominent builders, only the best. Our goal is to make your home-building experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. We take pride in our custom homes, designed specifically for each of our client’s unique tastes. The goal of the value approach is to have everybody work together toward your objective. As a true custom home builder, we rely on our expertise and knowledge to provide input, but you always have the final say. Every house should be one-of-a-kind for the occupant, and we enjoy being challenged by innovative concepts. If you want it, we can construct it.

When you opt for custom builders, these are some benefits you will experience:

1.   They have established relationships with expert subcontractors

A builder has a broad and dependable supply chain, usually enjoying professional relationships with realtors, agents, and clients. The collected knowledge provides peace of mind that your home will be high quality. Furthermore, subcontractors handle various project parts, such as purchasing construction materials or selecting the best fixtures. 

2.   They save money on discounts by buying in bulk

To save money, custom builders usually purchase from vendors they know or have worked with because they can get a discount for buying large volumes of similar materials. This is frequently conveyed to their clients through lower service fees or concessions. In contrast, if you attempt to purchase the same items in small amounts, you will spend a lot more money. As a result, bespoke builders assist you in saving money.

3.   You have the choice to implement your ideal floor plan

Homeowners appreciate being able to personalize the floor plan of their homes. Any credible builder will get the blueprint approved before continuing with construction. You can change how space is used or leave room for additions later on down the line. If you don’t need a garage, request that your builder leaves it out. After you’ve decided what style or features you want for your home, look at the illustration to find something that fits your needs.

4.   At a time of your choosing, go to a place of your choosing and settle in

Choosing where you want to build your house is one of the most significant benefits of getting a custom builder. A good location will cost more upfront but will be worth it in the long run. If you don’t already have one, a mortgage advisor can help you find the perfect location to buy one. For many people, having a home in the proper area with good schools, hospitals, or employment is the aim.

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