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On the bank of the Minnesota River, a mere 12 miles from downtown Minneapolis, Eden Prairie offers a tight-knit community feel with easy access to urban areas. Since 2006, Eden Prairie has repeatedly been named by MONEY Magazine as one of the best placesto live in the U.S. by virtue of its low unemployment rate, happy citizens, and beautiful natural setting.

Whether you’re drawn to the above-average median income, or impressed by the high-quality school system, Eden Prairie checks all the boxes. Let’s take a deeper dive into this city of approximately 60,000. What makes it stand out? What’s the real estate market look like? And why is Eden Prairie a great place to remodel or build a home?

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Eden Prairie: Jobs, Economy, Convenience, and Lifestyle

Between 1880 and 1960, Eden Prairie was known as a quiet farming community — the population was only around 2,000 as late as 1960. However, by 2002, this small country suburb had transformed into a thriving, exciting, and desirable location housing around 60,000 residents. Rated #1 in Best Places to Live in Minnesota by, there are a variety of reasons why Eden Prairie has exploded into a bustling suburb near Minneapolis:

Convenient Location

Location is everything when choosing a place to build or remodel your dream home. Although many residents of Eden Prairie take advantage of the jobs and amenities in the suburb itself, the 23 minute drive to Minneapolis makes for a convenient and central location.

High Median Income

Among other attributes, Eden Prairie stands out for the high median income its citizens enjoy. While the average median income in the United States is approximately $61,372, Eden Prairie’s median income is an impressive $105,868.

Jobs & Employment

Eden Prairie has a thriving economy and is home to more than 2,800 businesses. Some of the top employers include C.H. Robinson, MTS Systems Corporations, and UnitedHealth Group. All in all, 35,418 people are sustained by the economy in Eden Prairie alone, with others finding work in nearby areas. The already-stellar job market is only getting better: the future job growth over the next decade is projected to be 39.2%, higher than the national average.

Although many who live in Eden Prairie also work here, the bustling metropolis of Minneapolis is close by for those who work in the city. On average, the commute time in Eden Prairie is 20.5 minutes. To top it off, Eden Prairie has a very low unemployment rateas compared to the nation average: only 3.3% of the city’s residents are unemployed.

Highly Educated 

As a whole, Eden Prairie is a highly-educated city, far surpassing the national average of 84% of high school graduates in the country:

  • 96.8% — High school or higher
  • 62.2% — Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • 23.1% — Graduate or professional degree

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Amazing Schools in Family-Friendly Eden Prairie

In the 2018 graduating class from Eden Prairie High School, a remarkable eleven studentsscored perfect test scores on their ACT’s. Because less than one-tenth of 1% of students accomplish this feat, these scores help highlight why Eden Prairie is an amazing place for children to get an education.

Eden Prairie’s public schools are highly rated, earning an A+ score on Part of this has to do with the top-performing ACT and SAT scores regularly achieved by Eden Prairie students. With a close-knit community, award-nominated teachers, and high-quality administrative staff, Eden Prairie public schools are a clear winner.

Community, Entertainment, and Culture

Though residents are only a quick drive away from everything Minneapolis has to offer, there’s plenty to do in Eden Prairie. If you’re a nature lover, you’ll absolutely love the 1,000 acres of developed parkland in Eden Prairie. Bike trails, nature trails, and beautiful parks — Eden Prairie is a haven for those who appreciate the splendor of the outdoors.

In addition to the beautiful trails and park lands, Eden Prairie boasts a variety of restaurants, country clubs, skating rinks, and shopping centers for year-round enjoyment. Eden Prairie also has an Arts Center for the artistically inclined, and a community garden for its residents. 

Buying or Building a Home in Eden Prairie, MN

With a higher-than-average median home value of $330,000, it’s clear that Eden Prairie has a high standard of living for its residents. However, it’s always possible to enter the housing market through remodeling a less expensive home — or even creating your dream home on a prime piece of property.

Hot Property Market

Now is a great time to buy property in Eden Prairie.  Zillow’s experts claim that Eden Prairie’s housing market is “very hot,” with home values going up 3.5% last year — and projected to go up another 5.4% in the next year.

Why Remodel or Build Your Own Home?

Excellent job market, amazing public schools, and plenty of entertainment for all — Eden Prairie is clearly a wonderful place to put down roots. If you’re thinking of moving to Eden Prairie, you’re probably sizing up the housing market and deciding if you want to buy or build a house. Although it’s possible to buy and live in a house as-is, many homeowners find that remodeling an existing home, or even building the home of their dreams, is a better option. 

When you remodel or have a custom home built, you’re able to create a house that accommodates your family, suits your vision, and offers you years of enjoyment and convenience. Here are some of the many perks of renovating a home in Eden Prairie:

  • Personalization. Nothing indicates your personal taste more than a home designed or built with all your customized ideas in minds. Your home can serve as a true reflection of your style and aesthetic.
  • Convenience.  Need a big kitchen? An open floor plan? An outdoor living space that flows seamlessly into your house? A house designed with you and your family in mind can offer all the convenience, amenities, and flow that you’ve imagined. 
  • Increases options. Say you fall in love with a particular neighborhood, but aren’t impressed with any of the houses there. Luckily, you can have the best of both worlds by remodeling an existing home on a street that you love.
  • Increase value. If you want to increase the value of your home, giving it a gorgeous remodel is a sure way to boost your investment and better your property (and enjoy the home in the meantime!)

If you’re ready to get in touch about designing your dream home, GreenWood is ready to hear about your vision. We have years of experiencing designing and renovating homes in Minnesota, and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to get in touch today.