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GreenWood – Your go-to company for a custom-built home you can afford

At GreenWood, budget-friendly custom-built home designs are our specialty. But none of our design features are canned. Our custom-built homes, inspired by our clients, are fresh, exciting, functional, unique.

Our starter home designs can be pushed, pulled, narrowed and stretched to make them a perfect fit for your needs and also your budget. The features are an authentic expression of your tastes and preferences. Rooms provide a convenient base of operations for your busy and interesting lifestyle. 

We offer solutions that not only make your home unique, distinctive and convenient. GreenWood designs can also be quite affordable.

custom built home

Function over footage is the key to designing a home you love and can afford

Yes, we can fit that in . . . 

Any builder can pile square footage into a house design. The client will have plenty of space of which to make use. But the cost may create an obstacle to the dream of a new home for some. What we at GreenWood do is different. We start with the space that fits your budget and design your new home with efficiency in mind.

We utilize creative space design to include the features and setup you need.  You have  unique routines and ways of doing things. Your new home should reflect not only your aesthetic style and preferences. It should also be designed for storage and convenience. Whenever possible, the room arrangement should include space for your favorite activities.

At GreenWood, we listen to your needs, wants and wishes. We ask the right questions in order to learn how you live in your home. The hallmark of GreenWood is our painstaking focus on each particular clients’ wishes and ideas, no matter what their budget.

Are there unique ways to save money, time and stress?

At GreenWood the answer is yes.

The unique partnership between our architectural designer and builder at GreenWood ultimately lessens expense, lag between design and build time, and overall stress. Your dream home will become a reality sooner and the cost will be reasonable.

Why we’re different . . . 

Doug, our architectural designer, and Scott, our builder, the founders and partners of GreenWood, have seen firsthand the benefits of having the builder and designer working together. This special partnership saves clients time, money and frustration.

The arrangement ultimately leads to a more enjoyable experience. At every stage, from concept to completion, GreenWood will be your partner in the home building process, listening to your ideas and creatively expressing them; incorporating them into a custom home built just for you.

Can I find a knowledgeable builder whose costs are reasonable?

Yes, you have found one with GreenWood.

With over 30 years of combined experience, GreenWood’s owners have a strong history in the design-build business. Their expertise is what counts. Knowing the most efficient manner to perform each step of the building process is the key to saving construction costs. 

Setting GreenWood apart…

Since we opened the doors of our company, we’ve been setting ourselves apart. Our interests lie in building you more than just another house. We listen, we understand. We use our knowledge to translate your needs and wants into something more than meets the eye. Our mission is to show you why you should choose GreenWood to build your HOME: So you can design and build a unique house at a not so high price. Following are ten of our cost saving suggestions:

Keys to designing and building an affordable home

1. Choose to build a two-story house.

It’s always cheaper to build up than out. One foundation supports twice the living space. 

2. Keep the roof line simple.

Complex designs cost more to build, properly. Single span roofs are less costly. Simple geometry, without curves and complexities saves labor and  thus, cash.  

3. Build the basics and upgrade later.

Can’t afford all the features you want? Think ahead. Leave space to install them at a future date. Install less expensive materials initially with a plan to replace them later.

4. Open up a small home with large windows.

Adding an expanse of glass brings the outside in and makes a room seem larger.The way to build a home you want without spending big bucks is to plan with care. Select special features that create illusions. 

5. Choose materials carefully. Sometimes greater cost does bring long-term savings.

Consider not only the upfront price, but also how long a material is rated to last. For example, metal roofs may cost more now, but will last for more decades than shingles. 

6. Decide what’s most important.

Setting priorities early lessens cost and altered plans later. The home should reflect your favorite designs, accommodate your lifestyle.

7. Stay on top of things.

Communicate with your builder throughout the process. Know what jobs will be done next so you can express your opinion before the job is done.

8. Remember the big picture.

Don’t focus so much on details that aren’t priorities for you that you spend more time and money on their design, allow the overall look and function of the home to suffer. The home should have a basic theme, the various features, harmonizing. 

9. Don’t overbuild.

If you only have two vehicles, you likely do not need to construct a three-car garage. Just because your friends or neighbors consider a feature important, that doesn’t mean it should be a priority for you.   

10. Get creative.

Consider new ways of doing things and suggest them to your designer/contractor. Utilize quality salvaged materials if you have access or can find them at reasonable cost.

GreenWood Design Build LLC takes pride in creating homes that reflect the personalities and lifestyles of their owners. We strive to make GreenWood the best Minnesota contractor when it comes to making custom homes affordable. Together Director of Design, Dave and Scott, Director of Construction, can:

  • Help you navigate the process of visualizing your dream home.
  • Design it for most efficient function.
  • Incorporate the features most important to your preferences and lifestyle.
  • Select materials.
  • Complete the building project within your budget.

Crafting a custom home may sound like an expensive undertaking, but with a bit of forethought and skilled, experienced guidance, building your own custom home can be less expensive than choosing to go with a pre-designed plan; a cookie cutter home design which may contain many features not important to you and your family, while omitting details which could bring you convenience and pleasure. Contact us at GreenWood Design Build in Edina, Minnesota to discuss your thoughts on building a beautiful north country home within your budget.