Choosing a floor for your kitchen remodeling project

Choosing a type of flooring for your kitchen remodeling project is no easy task! Kitchen floors are one of the most heavily trafficked areas in your home. You need something durable that will also look attractive. There are several types of flooring to choose from. Each type of flooring has its own distinct advantages.

  • Ceramic – Ceramic tiles are made from clay and other natural mineral products. Ceramic is a durable and affordable flooring type for your kitchen. They come in a variety of shapes, strengths, thicknesses, textures, and colors. You will want to choose a grade III or higher strength of glazed ceramic tiles for the best durability for your kitchen remodeling project.
  • Marble – Marble is a beautiful flooring type for a kitchen. There are two basic types of marble flooring; traditional and tumbled. Traditional marble flooring has a shiny or polished appearance; whereas, tumbled marble flooring has an earthy tone and natural looking appearance. Beige is a popular color for kitchen flooring finished with tumbled marble.
  • Slate – Slate flooring has a non-porous surface and works well in kitchens. Slate is a type of natural stone that will give your kitchen a unique and modern look. Popular colors for slate kitchen flooring are white and black. Slate is very durable and cleans easily in high traffic areas.
  • Wood – Wood flooring is beautiful and can blend in well with almost any décor. If cared for properly, a wood floor can last for many years in your kitchen. If you desire your kitchen and family room to blend together, wood flooring offers a “seamless” look. If you buy a sealed wood floor for you kitchen, waxing is not necessary. It can be cleaned up easily by sweeping and mopping.
  • Cork – Cork flooring is available in many different colors and design. You can easily pick a pattern that will match the rest of your kitchen and home décor. Cork flooring for your kitchen is relatively inexpensive and will resist scratching from dropped objects. Cork is a natural insulator. The cork will help the floor stay warm as well as help absorb sound.

You have many choices available for your kitchen remodeling project. The type of flooring you choose is entirely up to you. You need to keep in mind functionality, cost, and attractiveness. If you are still unsure of what type of flooring will work best in your kitchen, contact us for more kitchen remodeling ideas. We can help you make the best choice for your perfect kitchen.