How to Handle a Room Addition

Minnesota Custom Home Builders Let’s say you have found the home of your dreams. Inside and out, this house has everything you want and need. But then, you realize you do not have a place to make crafts, or put the baby, or to workout. It happens all the time. The perfect home often does… Read more »

Will I Save Money Building My Own Custom Home?

I think I could do this myself. Owning a home is the original American Dream. Building your own custom home is the ultimate American Dream. Doing it yourself is a challenge few take on. Not many people have the time, resources and/or expertise to build something on their own. You have a vision of what you want… Read more »

Custom Home Building in Carver, Minnesota

Travel southwest of the Twin Cities, and you will find the charming suburb of Carver, Minnesota. Though Carver itself is a small town, with a population of approximately 4,861, it’s an integral part of the larger Carver County — a quickly-growing county renowned as an exceptional place to call home. In fact, Carver County is regularly… Read more »

Is the Cheapest Custom Home Building Quote the Best?

You have dreamed about exactly how you would want your home if you were able to build it to your specifications. The tiny kitchen with no cabinet or counter space is something you lived with when you were renting but is definitely not what you want in a custom home. Or maybe bedrooms are something… Read more »