How to Save Money Building a Custom Home

Of the million things to think of while going over building plans for your custom home, budget is usually number one. Going over budget can stop a build in its tracks, or keep a project from ever being started. Here are a few tips to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you. Licensed and Insured Contractors… Read more »

Build Your Dream Home in Edina, Minnesota

Maybe you’re considering a move to Edina to give your teen the opportunity to attend one of the highest ranked high schools in the state. Or maybe it’s the convenient access to state highways or its proximity to Minneapolis. Whatever your reasons, you’re probably searching for a home that fits the needs of your family… Read more »

Ideas for an Environmentally Friendly Dream Home

Demand for environmentally friendly custom homes has grown dramatically over the last decade. At one time, the interest in “green homes” was limited to only the most dedicated activists. As sustainable building materials and the cost of energy-efficient buildings has come down, interest in these homes have increased.  An environmentally friendly dream home is 30 percent more… Read more »

Custom Home Building Makes Your Home Yours Alone

One of the wonderful things about buying a custom-built home is that it’s built exclusively for you and the lifestyle needs of your family, as opposed to a resale home, originally built for someone else. With a custom-built home, there’s no need to compromise, to remodel or replace anything. It’s completely new and maintenance-free for… Read more »