Benjamin Moore’s 2016 Color of the Year

Each year, Benjamin Moore makes its contribution to the world of interior design by selecting its ‘color of the year‘. This year pick was a bit unconventional in that they chose what many don’t regard as a color at all — white, specifically Benjamin Moore’s “Simply White” (OC-117). But for those with a passion for decorating, the choice doesn’t seem odd at all.

White is not as simple as it seems, which becomes immediately evident when looking at the myriad of white color chips at the paint store! There are warm whites, cool whites and even neutral whites (neither warm nor cool). White is a favorite with designers and homeowners alike because of its incredible versatility. Consider the many benefits offered by an all-white interior:

  • White goes with absolutely everything. It’s like a blank canvas for any color that you choose to add in the form of area rugs, throw pillows, art, and furniture. It let’s you be the artist, without worrying about what will go with or compliment the color of your walls.
  • White provides a gorgeous back-drop for wood, making its rich tones, grain and warmth take center stage.
  • White is sophisticated and nuanced, the ‘color’ of choice for many designer because of the way it interacts with light.
  • White or some variation of white (off-white, ivory, white with just a whisper of color mixed in) is the choice of landlords everywhere because it is the ultimate neutral that will work with whatever a tenant’s tastes may be — modern, traditional, country, rustic, etc.

All great reasons to consider using Simply White in your new home or remodeling project. Contact us if you’re planning to build your dream home or make changes in your current home. We’re located in Edina and we’d love to discuss your project with you!