5 Home Building Trends

There are many things to think of when building a custom home. How many rooms do you want? What size should the kitchen be? Would a two story or one story be better? Where is the best spot for the laundry room? Along with these questions you also have to think about what current home building trends you want to incorporate into your design plan. It is hard to pick items that are trendy but timeless, so we have taken the time to compile a list of those items for you.

Flooring Contractor Minnesota

Gray hardwood floors have become very popular recently. They will not only give your custom home an up-to-date and trendy look, but they will last a lifetime and blend with any decor in your home.

Painting Contractor Minnesota

This years paint trends have followed the recent years trend of neutral colors but with a twist. The usual grays and tans have come back again, but now you can add blush pink to the mix. Just imagine how great the pink would look with the gray floor color!

Lighting Contractor Minnesota

Recent lighting trends have gone to an open design, rather than the older style covered fixture. These chandelier and pendant style lighting options can match any theme you would like for your home, while providing optimal lighting for your space.

Bathroom Designer Minnesota

We have recently seen bathroom styles going from dull to spa-like. Large, tiled showers with multiple shower heads have overtaken the traditional white shower/tub, and circular mirrors with classic, wooden vanities have come in to warm up the room. Under mount sinks are still a current element to add to any bathroom as well.

Kitchen Designer Minnesota

Farmhouse kitchens are still a very popular pick for kitchen designs. In addition to that, apron front sinks are still on the rise, along with dark fixtures, which will match seamlessly with whatever colors you chose to use for your kitchen. One new kitchen trend is cabinet color. Many people are starting to design their kitchens with two cabinet colors, either different colors for top and bottom cabinets or different shades for cabinets on opposing walls.

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