4 Tips for Choosing Custom Home Builders

Choosing custom home builders can be a daunting task, but with some thought and a plan of attack, it can be the first step in a very rewarding experience. Anyone can call themselves a custom home builder and it is essential to check out the custom home builders thoroughly before signing on the dotted line. It is important to ask the hard question. Building a new home is not an inexpensive proposition. Doing your homework and taking the time to understand how custom home builders work will give you the confidence to make the right choice.

Let’s discuss four things to consider when choosing custom home builders.

1. Experience matters: It is essential the home builder have construction experience under their hard hat. Do not discount a company if they are fairly new, if the employees are builders with experience they will be worth considering.

2. References: Check the custom home builder’s references. A reputable builder will be more than happy to supply names and allow you the opportunity to contact them. Ask the references if they are happy with their home and whether it was built within the agreed upon time frame and budget. Also ask the references if the builder listened to their needs and was responsive to their requests. When examining a home built by the home builders, take note of the quality of the work such as the trim, painting and finishes. Also ask if problems arose, did the builder address them promptly and thoroughly.

3. Insurance: It is essential the home builder is properly insured for your protection and the protection of the builder. A reputable builder will carry the proper insurance and provide the necessary documentation.

4. Warranty: It is important the home builder offer a warranty on their work. It is important to ask about the service they can expect after they move into their home if a problem should arise. Ask if they provide a closing book, which will provide valuable information about warranty information regarding each appliance or product used in the home and how to care for each item.

If you are thinking about a custom-built home, please contact us and let our building professionals help guide you through the process.