10 FAQs Customers Ask Minnesota Custom Home Builders

There are many questions and concerns homeowners have before they get their custom house built. Some of the most common ones are: How much will it cost? How big should it be? Where should it be built? We have a list of the most frequently asked questions as well as questions which a custom homeowner should ask before getting their custom home built.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Custom Home?

It greatly depends on where you are, how big your lot is and what your lot is made of and what your home is made out of. Custom homes can range anywhere from $100 — $200 per square foot. The average in Minnesota is around $150 per square foot, but it can cost upwards of $200 — $400 per square foot. According to Home Advisor, the average cost for a new home was between $225,000 — $265,000.

How Big Should My Custom Home Be?

That is all up to you, but here are two key factors you should consider:

How long do you plan on living there?

Will your family be growing while you live there?

If you plan on having a large family, you should consider having a larger home built. In 2019, the average size home was between 2000 — 2500 square feet. Families of two or more should consider having a home which has 4 or more bedrooms. We have built homes well over 4000 square feet.

What Materials Should I Use?

If you want a home built for the ages, consider high quality lumber. Lumber has several grades based upon how many knots it has, how warped it is and if there are any splits. There are also two types of basic coverings a contractor uses after they have installed the studs: Plywood and Oriented Strand Board (OSB). Plywood is more expensive than OSB but it is water resistant whereas OSB absorbs water and makes it warp easier. The quality of the lumber you choose can greatly reduce or increase the cost of your home. Same rule applies if you choose to have your home built from PVC, Texture 111, cement planks or shingles. Each one has its own rating system. Always double check with your builder to see which material is right for your project.

Do You Have The Proper Licenses And Insurance?

Always check to see if your selected contractor has the proper license and business insurance for your project. You are better off being safe and get someone with the proper insurance as anything could go wrong when it comes to building a house. A proper custom home builder will have the insurance and proper OSHA certificates to prove they can handle the job.

Where Should My Custom Home Be Built?

Before purchasing the lot you want to have your perfect home to be built, check what features your lot has. Is it in a flat open area or will it be built on a hill? Check to see what kind of water sources the lot has first. Lots which are adjacent to small streams, rivers, lakes or ponds could have very soft soil which could eventually leave you with a sinking home. Is your lot close to a commercial district, making your trips to the supermarket shorter?  If you have a family, consider whether your lot is near the schools in your district.

What Features Should I Have?

One of the key features included in custom homes is a modern HVAC system. Modern HVACs can help reduce mold growth and moderate the humidity in your home. Some homeowners want Solar Panels installed on their roofs or have a geothermal installed in their basement.

What Is Your Building Experience?

This is an important question to ask custom home builders. We have over 30 years of experience, GreenWood Design Build has built dozens of custom homes. We have several pages of sample homes in our gallery, which features the many homes we have built over the years. Each one has its own unique features which makes our custom homes stand out above other builders.

In fact, this year we won The Best Of Houzz award for 2020! 

How Can We Make Sure You Don’t Go Over My Budget?

Before you sign a contract with us, make sure you specify your budget limit. This helps make sure we don’t go over your budget. You can even specify what price range you expect each step of building your home should be. You can also make sure we contact you if we need to make any changes to the budget plan or when we reach a certain goal point in the project.

How Can We Make Sure My Home Is Built In A Timely Manner?

Time is of the essence, so it is important to include a timetable in your contract. By having a set time frame to get your home built, we can ensure it is met on time. But make sure your time request is realistic. The odds of having a custom home built within two or three weeks is unlikely to happen, but you also don’t want to give your contractor too much time. We can provide you with a list of previous projects we have completed and use that for our estimated timetable.

Can You Make My Home Energy Efficient?

Newer windows can have 2 or even 3 panes. This makes them much more energy efficient than the standard single pane window. You can also make sure your home builder puts in proper weather protection when they put your home together. Insulation is another key item which can affect how energy efficient your home is. Newer AC systems are also highly energy efficient, so are modern LED light bulbs, appliances and so on.


Choose Greenwood Design Build For Your Custom Home Needs

It helps us to know what you expect from us as a custom home builder. The more questions you have for us, the more we understand what you want for you custom home. We are committed to make sure you get the custom home you’ve always dreamed of. If you have any questions about our custom home building experience, or if you want to set up an appointment to get your home built, contact GreenWood Design Build today!